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Coyote Blue

By Christopher Moore
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 9781439191484
  • Pages : 320
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 319
  • File Pdf: coyote-blue.pdf

Book Summary:

From master of subversive humor Christopher Moore comes a quirky, irreverent novel of love, myth, metaphysics, outlaw biking, angst, and outrageous redemption. As a boy, he was Samson Hunts Alone—until a deadly misunderstanding with the law forced him to flee the Crow reservation at age fifteen. Today he is Samuel Hunter, a successful Santa Barbara insurance salesman with a Mercedes, a condo, and a hollow, invented life. Then one day, destiny offers him the dangerous gift of love—in the exquisite form of Calliope Kincaid—and a curse in the unheralded appearance of an ancient god by the name of Coyote. Coyote, the trickster, has arrived to reawaken the mystical storyteller within Sam...and to seriously screw up his existence in the process.

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In the Beginning

By Jerrold E. Levy
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Isbn : 9780520920576
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  • Reads : 494
  • File Pdf: in-the-beginning.pdf

Book Summary:

Jerrold E. Levy's masterly analysis of Navajo creation and origin myths shows what other interpretations often overlook: that the Navajo religion is as complete and nuanced an attempt to answer humanity's big questions as the religions brought to North America by Europeans. Looking first at the historical context of the Navajo narratives, Levy points out that Navajo society has never during its known history been either homogeneous or unchanging, and he goes on to identify in the myths persisting traditions that represent differing points of view within the society. The major transformations of the Navajo people, from a northern hunting and gathering society to a farming, then herding, then wage-earning society in the American Southwest, were accompanied by changes not only in social organization but also in religion. Levy sees evidence of internal historical conflicts in the varying versions of the creation myth and their reflection in the origin myths associated with healing rituals. Levy also compares Navajo answers to the perennial questions about the creation of the cosmos and why people are the way they are with the answers provided by Judaism and Christianity. And, without suggesting that they are equivalent, Levy discusses certain parallels between Navajo religious ideas and contemporary scientific cosmology. The possibility that in the future Navajo religion will be as much altered by changing conditions as it has been in the past makes this fascinating account all the more timely.

This is Not the End

By Chandler Baker
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Isbn : 148479852X
  • Pages : 384
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
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  • File Pdf: this-is-not-the-end.pdf

Book Summary:

If you could choose one person to bring back to life, who would it be? Seventeen-year-old Lake Deveraux is the survivor of a car crash that killed her best friend and boyfriend. Now she faces an impossible choice. Resurrection technology changed the world, but strict laws allow just one resurrection per citizen, to be used on your eighteenth birthday or lost forever. You only have days to decide. For each grieving family, Lake is the best chance to bring back their child. For Lake, it's the only way to reclaim a piece of happiness after her own family fell apart. And Lake must also grapple with a secret--and illegal--vow she made years ago to resurrect someone else. Someone who's not even dead yet. Who do you need most? As Lake's eighteenth birthday nears, secrets and betrayals new and old threaten to eclipse her cherished memories. Lake has one chance to save a life...but can she live with her choice?

Folktales and Fairy Tales: Traditions and Texts from around the World, 2nd Edition [4 volumes]

By Anne E. Duggan Ph.D.,Donald Haase Ph.D.,Helen J. Callow
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Isbn : 1610692543
  • Pages : 1590
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  • File Pdf: folktales-and-fairy-tales.pdf

Book Summary:

Encyclopedic in its coverage, this one-of-a-kind reference is ideal for students, scholars, and others who need reliable, up-to-date information on folk and fairy tales, past and present. • Provides encyclopedic coverage of folktales and fairy tales from around the globe • Covers not only the history of the fairy tale, but also topics of contemporary importance such as the fairy tale in manga, television, pop music, and music videos • Brings together the study of geography, culture, history, and anthropology • Revises and expands an award-winning work to now include a full volume of selected tales and texts

Evidence-Based Reading, Grade 3

  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Carson-Dellosa Publishing
  • Isbn : 1483818829
  • Pages : 64
  • Category : Education
  • Reads : 511
  • File Pdf: evidence-based-reading-grade-3.pdf

Book Summary:

Evidence-Based Reading for grade 3 offers 64 pages of reading practice. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and includes a reading comprehension rubric, a standards alignment chart, and pages of reading passages with evidence-based questions to encourage higher-level thinking and thoughtful answers. Each question is designed so that students learn to support their answers with evidence from the text. A variety of literature and informational passages are included to engage learners in a range of texts. The Applying the Standards: Evidence-Based Reading series emphasizes close reading by requiring students to answer text-dependent questions in both literary and informational texts. This is a series of six 64-page books for students in kindergarten to grade 5. Various reading and vocabulary skills are covered, and a culminating reflection question for each passage engages students' higher-level thinking skills. Of particular emphasis throughout the series are the Common Core State Standards and the teaching of evidence-based reading.

Animism and the Question of Life

By Istvan Praet
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1134500599
  • Pages : 198
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 891
  • File Pdf: animism-and-the-question-of-life.pdf

Book Summary:

The central purpose of this book is to help change the terms of the debate on animism, a classic theme in anthropology. It combines some of the finest ethnographic material currently available (including firsthand research on the Chachi of Ecuador) with an unusually broad geographic scope (the Americas, Asia, and Africa). Edward B. Tylor originally defined animism as the first phase in the development of religion. The heyday of cultural evolutionism may be over, but his basic conception is commonly assumed to remain valid in at least one respect: there is still a broad consensus that everything is alive within animism, or at least that more things are alive than a modern scientific observer would allow for (e.g., clouds, rivers, mountains) It is considered self-evident that animism is based on a kind of exaggeration: its adherents are presumed to impute life to this, that and the other in a remarkably generous manner. Against the prevailing consensus, this book argues that if animism has one outstanding feature, it is its peculiar restrictiveness. Animistic notions of life are astonishingly uniform across the globe, insofar as they are restricted rather than exaggerated. In the modern Western cosmology, life overlaps with the animate. Within animism, however, life is always conditional, and therefore tends to be limited to one’s kin, one’s pets and perhaps the plants in one’s garden. Thus it emerges that "our" modern biological concept of life is stranger than generally thought.

Navaho Religion

By Gladys Amanda Reichard
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Isbn : 1400859093
  • Pages : 872
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 181
  • File Pdf: navaho-religion.pdf

Book Summary:

In this in-depth exploration of the symbols found in Navaho legend and ritual, Gladys Reichard discusses the attitude of the tribe members toward their place in the universe, their obligation toward humankind and their gods, and their conception of the supernatural, as well as how the Navaho achieve a harmony within their world through symbolic ceremonial practice. Originally published in 1963. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

The Persian Pickle Club

By Sandra Dallas
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
  • Isbn : 1429903368
  • Pages : 208
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 146
  • File Pdf: the-persian-pickle-club.pdf

Book Summary:

In her magical, memorable novel, Sandra Dallas explores the ties of loyalty and friendship that unite the women in a quilting circle in Depression-era Kansas It is the 1930s, and hard times have hit Harveyville, Kansas, where the crops are burning up, and there's not a job to be found. For Queenie Bean, a young farm wife, a highlight of each week is the gathering of the Persian Pickle Club, a group of local ladies dedicated to improving their minds, exchanging gossip, and putting their quilting skills to good use. When a new member of the club stirs up a dark secret, the women must band together to support and protect one another.

Reading the Fire

By Jarold Ramsey
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University of Washington Press
  • Isbn : 9780295803500
  • Pages : 352
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 117
  • File Pdf: reading-the-fire.pdf

Book Summary:

Reading the Fire engages America�s �first literatures,� traditional Native American tales and legends, as literary art and part of our collective imaginative heritage. This revised edition of a book first published to critical acclaim in 1983 includes four new essays. Drawing on ethnographic data and regional folklore, Jarold Ramsey moves from origin and trickster narratives and Indian ceremonial texts, into interpretations of stories from the Nez Perce, Clackamas Chinook, Coos, Wasco, and Tillamook repertories, concluding with a set of essays on the neglected subject of Native literary responses to contact with Euroamericans. In his finely worked, erudite analyses, he mediates between an author-centered, print-based narrative tradition and one that is oral, anonymous, and tribal, adducing parallels between Native texts and works by Shakespeare, Yeats, Beckett, and Faulkner.

The Painter

By Peter Heller
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Vintage
  • Isbn : 0385352085
  • Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 977
  • File Pdf: the-painter.pdf

Book Summary:

Peter Heller, the celebrated author of the breakout best seller The Dog Stars, returns with an achingly beautiful, wildly suspenseful second novel about an artist trying to outrun his past. Jim Stegner has seen his share of violence and loss. Years ago he shot a man in a bar. His marriage disintegrated. He grieved the one thing he loved. In the wake of tragedy, Jim, a well-known expressionist painter, abandoned the art scene of Santa Fe to start fresh in the valleys of rural Colorado. Now he spends his days painting and fly-fishing, trying to find a way to live with the dark impulses that sometimes overtake him. He works with a lovely model. His paintings fetch excellent prices. But one afternoon, on a dirt road, Jim comes across a man beating a small horse, and a brutal encounter rips his quiet life wide open. Fleeing Colorado, chased by men set on retribution, Jim returns to New Mexico, tormented by his own relentless conscience. A stunning, savage novel of art and violence, love and grief, The Painter is the story of a man who longs to transcend the shadows in his heart, a man intent on using the losses he has suffered to create a meaningful life. This eBook edition includes a Reading Group Guide.

The Bearskin Quiver

By Gregory McNamee
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Daimon
  • Isbn : 3856309594
  • Pages : 139
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 451
  • File Pdf: the-bearskin-quiver.pdf

Book Summary:

Once upon a time, an Apache story tells us, the trickster called Coyote killed a bear so that he could make a suitable quiver for his magical arrows. “You shouldn’t have done that,” someone warned Coyote. “That skin will only bring you bad luck.” And so it has been for Coyote ever since, chased by bears and humans alike. In this charming collection of folktales from long ago, we read of the creation of the world, of the ways of animals, of the beguiling Coyote, of the world in which we live and other worlds that hide just beyond our sight. Drawn from the oral literatures of some twenty Southwestern American Indian peoples, these stories teach us about the constants of those dry places: about how the clouds form in the sky, how the heat rises from the ground, how the animals move about from one shady spot to another, and how the people once lived their lives. All these stories show us – as the great anthropologist, Claude Lévi-Strauss, observed – that folktales are not mere afterthoughts of literature, just pleasant stories to tell around the campfire, but rather valuable tools for reflection upon our own lives.

Healing Plants and Animals from a Distance

By Jim PathFinder Ewing
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1844093050
  • Pages : 192
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reads : 866
  • File Pdf: healing-plants-and-animals-from-a-distance.pdf

Book Summary:

Using simple rituals—whose roots draw from shamanism, spirituality, religion, Native American studies, vibrational energy, and alternative medicine—becoming conscious of healing abilities is possible. This manual demonstrates not only how to gain the knowledge and wisdom afforded by various spirit beings, guides, and helpers, but also how to apply this knowledge in the natural world. Key diagnostic methods address specific ways to talk with plants and animals, understand what they say and how they say it, and how harmony, healing, and wholeness may be attained in both urban and rural settings. Visualization, prayer, and other techniques for accessing the vibration rates and consciousness of living things are also explored.

American Literature in Context to 1865

By Susan Castillo
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : 1444391305
  • Pages : 204
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 400
  • File Pdf: american-literature-in-context-to-1865.pdf

Book Summary:

American Literature in Context to 1865 discusses the issues and events that engaged American writers of the period, providing original and useful readings of important literary works that demonstrate how context contributes to meaning Covers a range of genres including the myths, chants and songs of indigenous cultures, sermons, slave narratives, essays and the novels and poetry to 1865 Designed to be used alongside the major anthologies of literature from the period Equips students with the necessary historical context needed to understand the writings from this period Pedagogical features include a detailed bibliography, and a transatlantic timeline, with literary works, and historical events

Reservation Blues

By Sherman Alexie
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Isbn : 1480457175
  • Pages : 306
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 450
  • File Pdf: reservation-blues.pdf

Book Summary:

Winner of the American Book Award and the Murray Morgan Prize, Sherman Alexie’s brilliant first novel tells a powerful tale of Indians, rock ’n’ roll, and redemption Coyote Springs is the only all-Indian rock band in Washington State—and the entire rest of the world. Thomas Builds-the-Fire takes vocals and bass guitar, Victor Joseph hits lead guitar, and Junior Polatkin rounds off the sound on drums. Backup vocals come from sisters Chess and Checkers Warm Water. The band sings its own brand of the blues, full of poverty, pain, and loss—but also joy and laughter. It all started one day when legendary bluesman Robert Johnson showed up on the Spokane Indian Reservation with a magical guitar, leaving it on the floor of Thomas Builds-the-Fire’s van after setting off to climb Wellpinit Mountain in search of Big Mom. In Reservation Blues, National Book Award winner Alexie vaults with ease from comedy to tragedy and back in a tour-de-force outing powered by a collision of cultures: Delta blues and Indian rock. This ebook features an illustrated biography including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.


By Allen Steele
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : 1101208163
  • Pages : 448
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 991
  • File Pdf: coyote.pdf

Book Summary:

Coyote marks a dramatic new turn in the career of Allen Steele, Hugo Award-winning author of Chronospace. Epic in scope, passionate in its conviction, and set against a backdrop of plausible events, it tells the brilliant story of Earth’s first interstellar colonists—and the mysterious planet that becomes their home…


By Tor Seidler
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1481410199
  • Pages : 240
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 473
  • File Pdf: firstborn.pdf

Book Summary:

A young wolf seeks the bravery to be himself in this “rich take on the wild that quickens the pulse and fills the heart” (Kirkus Reviews), from the author of National Book Award Finalist Mean Margaret and The Wainscott Weasel. Wolves. Predators of the wild. Stalkers of the forests. Born into rankings and expected to live up to their roles. Blue Boy, the alpha male of his pack, is the largest wolf many have ever seen, and his dream is to have a firstborn son who will take after him in every way. But Lamar is not turning out the way his father hoped. Lamar likes to watch butterflies. He worries if his younger siblings fall behind in the hunt. He has little interest in peacocking in front of other clans. Blue Boy grows increasingly dismayed at Lamar’s lack of wolf instincts, and then Lamar does the intolerable: he becomes attracted to a coyote. While the other infractions can be begrudgingly tolerated, this one cannot, and the unity of the pack is in jeopardy. Lamar wants to make his family happy, but is doing what is expected of him worth losing the only true friend he’s ever had? Full of bite and beauty that will make you think of White Fang, then Ferdinand, this story cuts to the heart of what’s most important: being true to yourself, and being true to others.

Explorer's Guide Connecticut (Eighth Edition)

By Andi Marie Cantele
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : The Countryman Press
  • Isbn : 1581578156
  • Pages : 544
  • Category : Travel
  • Reads : 533
  • File Pdf: explorer-s-guide-connecticut.pdf

Book Summary:

"Comprehensive . . .well organized . . . should be carried in every glove compartment of every car that traverses Connecticut highways."—Journal Inquirer, Manchester, Connecticut Welcomed and praised by newspapers across the state, Explorer’s Guide Connecticut gives visitors and residents alike detailed descriptions of attractions and little-known tips about the Nutmeg State. Veteran travel writers Barnett Laschever and Andi Marie Cantele again bring you authoritative advice on what to see, where to eat, and where to stay in the new edition of this trusted guide. Covering the state from the mountains in the north to the long and varied coastline in the south, from cities to backroads, this revised and expanded edition features extensive descriptions and detailed maps to guide readers effortlessly along many pleasant journeys for individual travelers and families. Historic and exciting Mystic Seaport, the rich collections of the Yale University museums, beach and skiing trips, and the many state forests and parks of Connecticut are just a handful of the attractions covered. Regional and downtown maps feature helpful icons and indicate places that are wheelchair-accessible, pet- and family-friendly, and of other special value. Features include: an alphabetical "What's Where" subject guide to aid in trip plan; regional and downtown maps; handy icons that point out family-friendly attractions, wheelchair access, special value, and lodgings that accept pets.

The Traditions of the Hopi

By Heinrich Richert Voth
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Library of Alexandria
  • Isbn : 1465580840
  • Pages :
  • Category :
  • Reads : 347
  • File Pdf: the-traditions-of-the-hopi.pdf

Book Summary:

Read and download full book The Traditions of the Hopi

Always Running

By Luis J. Rodríguez
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Isbn : 1453259082
  • Pages : 262
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 534
  • File Pdf: always-running.pdf

Book Summary:

The award-winning memoir of life in an LA street gang from the acclaimed Chicano author and former Los Angeles Poet Laureate: “Fierce, and fearless” (The New York Times). Luis J. Rodríguez joined his first gang at age eleven. As a teenager, he witnessed the rise of some of the most notorious cliques in Southern California. He grew up knowing only a life of violence—one that revolved around drugs, gang wars, and police brutality. But unlike most of those around him, Rodríguez found a way out when art, writing, and political activism gave him a new path—and an escape from self-destruction. Always Running spares no detail in its vivid, brutally honest portrayal of street life and violence, and it stands as a powerful and unforgettable testimonial of gang life by one of the most acclaimed Chicano writers of his generation. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Luis J. Rodríguez including rare images from the author’s personal collection.

The Trickster in Ginsberg

By Katherine Campbell Mead-Brewer
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn : 1476602964
  • Pages : 216
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 856
  • File Pdf: the-trickster-in-ginsberg.pdf

Book Summary:

This scholarly close reading of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” considers the iconic poem through a four-part trickster framework: appetite, boundlessness, transformative power and a proclivity for setting and falling victim to tricks and traps. The book pursues various different narratives of the trickster Coyote and the historical and biographical contexts of “Howl” from a truly interdisciplinary perspective. This study seeks to contribute to the current literature on the poetry of the Beats and of Allen Ginsberg, specifically his “Howl,” and the ways it continues to expand in meaning, depth and significance today.

An Introduction to Mythology

By Lewis Spence
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages :
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 189
  • File Pdf: an-introduction-to-mythology.pdf

Book Summary:

This volume is an outline of the principles of mythology, chiefly with reference to its more modern developments. Hand in hand with the sister sciences of folklore and comparative religion, it has advanced so rapidly within the last twenty years and altered so greatly from its ancient aspect that it seems an entirely new science.

Mythic Journeys

By Paula Guran
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Start Publishing LLC
  • Isbn : 1597806374
  • Pages : 456
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 328
  • File Pdf: mythic-journeys.pdf

Book Summary:

Award-winning editor Paula Guran presents a diverse reprint anthology collecting classic myths and legends, retold by today’s top fantasy writers. The Native American trickster Coyote . . . the snake-haired Greek Gorgon Medusa, whose gaze turned men to stone . . . Kaggen, creator of the San peoples of Africa . . . the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend . . . Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and beauty . . . Ys, the mythical sunken city once built on the coast of France . . . Ragnarok, the myth of a world destroyed and reborn . . . Jason and the Argonauts, sailing in search of the Golden Fleece . . . Myths and legends are the oldest of stories, part of our collective consciousness, and the source from which all fiction flows. Full of magic, supernatural powers, monsters, heroes, epic journeys, strange worlds, and vast imagination, they are fantasies so compelling we want to believe them true. This new anthology compiles some of the best modern short mythic retellings and reinvention of legend from award-winning and bestselling authors, acclaimed storytellers, and exciting new talent, offering readers new ways to interpret and understand the world. Adventure with us on these Mythic Journeys . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: A Map or Maybe Not “Lost Lake” – Emma Straub and Peter Straub “White Lines on a Green Field” – Catherynne M. Valente “Trickster” – Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due “Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies” – Brooke Bolander “A Memory of Wind” – Rachel Swirsky “Leda” – M. Rickert “Chivalry” – Neil Gaiman “The God of Au” – Ann Leckie “Faint Voices, Increasingly Desperate” – Anya Johanna DeNiro “Ogres of East Africa” – Sofia Samatar “Ys” – Aliette de Bodard “The Gorgon” – Tanith Lee “Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood” – Charles de Lint “Calypso in Berlin” – Elizabeth Hand “Seeds” – Lisa L. Hannett and Angela Slatter “Wonder-Worker-of-the-World” – Nisi Shawl “Thesea and Astaurius” – Priya Sharma “Foxfire, Foxfire” – Yoon Ha Lee “Owl vs. the Neighborhood Watch” – Darcie Little Badger “How to Survive an Epic Journey” – Tansy Rayner Roberts “Simargl and the Rowan Tree” – Ekaterina Sedia “The Ten Suns” – Ken Liu “Armless Maidens of the American West” – Genevieve Valentine “Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream” – Maria Dahvana Headley “Zhyuin” – John Shirley “Immortal Snake” – Rachel Pollack “A Wolf in Iceland Is the Child of a Lie” – Sonya Taaffe About the Authors About the Editor Acknowledgements

Shadow Walker

By Allyson James,Jennifer Ashley
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Jennifer Ashley
  • Isbn : 1951041844
  • Pages : 320
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 437
  • File Pdf: shadow-walker.pdf

Book Summary:

The world falls from beneath me—literally—one winter night when I’m racing down the road on my beloved motorcycle. I tumble into a huge sinkhole, followed by the sheriff, who’s doggedly chasing me. I find myself in a cavern covered with evil petroglyphs that are intent on killing me ... From that harrowing situation I go to another even more dire: A hotel inspector who seems bent on putting me out of business. Add to this, my evil little sister has surfaced to tangle with me, and now Mick, my dragon boyfriend, is acting mysterious and scary. Only the magic mirror, my interfering grandmother, and my new cook seem to know what’s going on, all of them telling me that Mick has been touched by shadows. I have to figure out what that means and wrest him free of dark forces before the Dragon Council stick their smoldering noses in and a new witch in town destroys everything I love.

Comics through Time: A History of Icons, Idols, and Ideas [4 volumes]

By M. Keith Booker
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Isbn : 0313397511
  • Pages : 1921
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 172
  • File Pdf: comics-through-time.pdf

Book Summary:

Focusing especially on American comic books and graphic novels from the 1930s to the present, this massive four-volume work provides a colorful yet authoritative source on the entire history of the comics medium. • Provides historical context within individual entries that allows readers to grasp the significance of that entry as it relates to the broader history and evolution of comics • Includes coverage of international material to frame the subsets of American and British comics within a global context • Presents information that will appeal and be of use to general readers of comics and supply coverage detailed enough to be of significant value to scholars and teachers working in the field of comics

The Five Wounds: A Novel

By Kirstin Valdez Quade
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
  • Isbn : 0393242846
  • Pages : 448
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 321
  • File Pdf: the-five-wounds.pdf

Book Summary:

Winner of The Center for Fiction's 2021 First Novel Prize Finalist for the 2022 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction Finalist for the 2022 PEN/Hemingway Award for Debut Novel One of NPR's Best Books of the Year • A Publishers Weekly and Library Journal Best Book of the Year in Fiction • A Kirkus Reviews Best Fictional Family of the Year • A Booklist Top Ten Book-Group Book of the Year • A Goodreads Choice Awards Best Debut Novel Nominee From an award-winning storyteller comes a stunning debut novel about a New Mexican family’s extraordinary year of love and sacrifice. "Masterly…Quade has created a world bristling with compassion and humanity. The characters and the challenges they face are wholly realized and moving; their journeys span a wide spectrum of emotion and it is impossible not to root for [them]." —Alexandra Chang, New York Times Book Review It’s Holy Week in the small town of Las Penas, New Mexico, and thirty-three-year-old unemployed Amadeo Padilla has been given the part of Jesus in the Good Friday procession. He is preparing feverishly for this role when his fifteen-year-old daughter Angel shows up pregnant on his doorstep and disrupts his plans for personal redemption. With weeks to go until her due date, tough, ebullient Angel has fled her mother’s house, setting her life on a startling new path. Vivid, tender, funny, and beautifully rendered, The Five Wounds spans the baby’s first year as five generations of the Padilla family converge: Amadeo’s mother, Yolanda, reeling from a recent discovery; Angel’s mother, Marissa, whom Angel isn’t speaking to; and disapproving Tíve, Yolanda’s uncle and keeper of the family’s history. Each brings expectations that Amadeo, who often solves his problems with a beer in his hand, doesn’t think he can live up to. The Five Wounds is a miraculous debut novel from a writer whose stories have been hailed as “legitimate masterpieces” (New York Times). Kirstin Valdez Quade conjures characters that will linger long after the final page, bringing to life their struggles to parent children they may not be equipped to save.

Bloodsucking Fiends

By Christopher Moore
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1439191492
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 983
  • File Pdf: bloodsucking-fiends.pdf

Book Summary:

Jody never asked to become a vampire. But when she wakes up under an alley Dumpster with a badly burned arm, an aching back, superhuman strength, and a distinctly Nosferatuan thirst, she realizes the decision has been made for her. Making the transition from the nine-to-five grind to an eternity of nocturnal prowlings is going to take some doing, however, and that's where C. Thomas Flood fits in. A would-be Kerouac from Incontinence, Indiana, Tommy (to his friends) is biding his time night-clerking and frozen-turkey bowling in a San Francisco Safeway. But all that changes when a beautiful undead redhead walks through the door...and proceeds to rock Tommy's life—and afterlife—in ways he never thought possible.

Zuñi Fetiches

By Frank Hamilton Cushing
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : DigiCat
  • Isbn : EAN:8596547024439
  • Pages : 54
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 485
  • File Pdf: zuñi-fetiches.pdf

Book Summary:

Zuni, the Native American people, are famous for their art and culture. Zuni fetishes play an essential role there. They are small carvings made from stone, shells, fossils, and other materials. Within the Zuni community, these carvings serve ceremonial purposes. The book gives a detailed account of the origins, types, and distribution of Zuni fetishes. A reader can learn many interesting facts about the first encounters of the people from Western civilization with this great tradition of indigenous art.

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Myth

By Daniel Merkur
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1135575274
  • Pages : 172
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 936
  • File Pdf: psychoanalytic-approaches-to-myth.pdf

Book Summary:

This book surveys the history of psychoanalytic treatments of myths variously as symptoms of psychopathology, as cultural defense mechanisms, and as metaphoric expressions of ideas that may include therapeutic insights.

Insurance Law and Policy

By Tom Baker,Kyle D. Logue,Carolyn V. Williams
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Wolters Kluwer
  • Isbn : 1543831028
  • Pages : 832
  • Category : Law
  • Reads : 661
  • File Pdf: insurance-law-and-policy.pdf

Book Summary:

The purchase of this ebook edition does not entitle you to receive access to the Connected eBook on CasebookConnect. You will need to purchase a new print book to get access to the full experience including: lifetime access to the online ebook with highlight, annotation, and search capabilities, plus an outline tool and other helpful resources. A contemporary, easy-to-teach text by the Reporters for the new Restatement of the Law Liability Insurance, this casebook invites students and teachers to re-imagine the field of Insurance Law. The authors demonstrate the big-picture role of insurance law and policy in American business and society, exploring federal-state regulatory roles in depth as well as the traditional topics covered in casebooks. Insurance Law and Policy: Cases and Materials uses more statutory material than any other casebook, with statutes typically presented through problems. Manageable assignments contain one major case followed by informative notes, questions and a problem. This text appeals to Insurance teachers as well as teachers of Torts and Contracts considering a new course. The Teacher’s Manual—with case briefs, backgrounds on selected cases, simple diagrams that explain complex issues, and answers to questions and problems—is especially useful for instructors new to the course. New to the Fifth Edition: Expanded coverage of the role of insurance in disasters and catastrophes, including the COVID-19 pandemic Extensive treatment of the now-finalized Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance Reorganization of the liability insurance chapters to facilitate more step-by-step learning Replacement of a few difficult-to-teach cases with new, more straightforward cases Professors and student will benefit from: Focus on the big picture of federal-state regulatory roles in addition to the traditional insurance coverage topics addressed in other Insurance Law casebooks Extensive use of statutory materials, with statutes typically presented through carefully-constructed problems Manageable assignments structured with one major case, informative notes, questions, and a problem Interesting, up-to-date cases, with context-setting introductions, on topics such as cyber insurance, the role of private insurance in responding to public catastrophes, and the new Restatement of the Law Liability Insurance Cases are longer, providing students better grounding in the art of extracting useful knowledge from judicial opinions Elimination of some of the arcane aspects of insurance law in favor of presenting a broad and conceptual overview of the field

Scale Your Everest

By Erik Z. Severinghaus
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Post Hill Press
  • Isbn : 1642936529
  • Pages : 480
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Reads : 134
  • File Pdf: scale-your-everest.pdf

Book Summary:

While Erik Z. Severinghaus has been to the top of the physical world (literally climbing Everest) and the business world (exiting companies for hundreds of millions of dollars), what has defined his journey is not the successes…but rather, the hard times of loneliness and self-doubt that nearly cost him his accomplishments and his life. Every entrepreneur experiences these same crippling challenges but no one talks about them, and consequently, entrepreneurs have three times the rate of addiction and twice the rate of suicide of the general population. This guidebook passes along the lessons needed in those dark times, with the hope that it will help every entrepreneur who is going through this struggle understand their journey and build the mental resiliency to succeed.

Anthropological Theory

By David Kaplan
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1351531603
  • Pages : 592
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 752
  • File Pdf: anthropological-theory.pdf

Book Summary:

Anthropological theory has been much discussed in recent years, yet the crucial questions still remain--how can it be defined, how is it developed, how is it to be applied, and how can one confirm it? The editors of Anthropological Theory answer these questions by presenting essays relating to various aspects of anthropological theory. Their selections from widely scattered and often difficult-to-obtain sources present a comprehensive set of writings that describe the current position and issues involved in theory.The development of field work in anthropology generated a tremendous emphasis on empirical data and research. The plethora of information awaiting collection and the enthusiasm with which the field embraced it so immersed anthropologists that they were unable to relate this new information to the field as a whole. Manners and Kaplan believe that this lack of generalization had a profoundly negative effect upon the discipline. Therefore, they look closely into the relationship between field work and theory in an opening essay and go on to present material that demonstrates the value and the necessity of theory in anthropology. Essays by anthropologists and other social scientists deal with ""explanation,"" evolution, ecology, ideology, structuralism, and a number of other issues reflecting throughout the editors' conviction that anthropology is a science, the goal of which is to produce generalizations about sociocultural phenomena.The book provides necessary perspective for examining and evaluating the crucial intellectual concerns of modern anthropology and will therefore be important for the work of every anthropologist.

Practical Demonkeeping

By Christopher Moore
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Isbn : 0061802638
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 378
  • File Pdf: practical-demonkeeping.pdf

Book Summary:

In Christopher Moore's ingenious debut novel, we meet one of the most memorably mismatched pairs in the annals of literature. The good-looking one is one-hundred-year-old ex-seminarian and "roads" scholar Travis O'Hearn. The green one is Catch, a demon with a nasty habit of eating most of the people he meets. Behind the fake Tudor façade of Pine Cove, California, Catch sees a four-star buffet. Travis, on the other hand, thinks he sees a way of ridding himself of his toothy traveling companion. The winos, neo-pagans, and deadbeat Lotharios of Pine Cove, meanwhile, have other ideas. And none of them is quite prepared when all hell breaks loose.